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Mount Olympus Beat Sheets

This is a beat sheet for a script I wrote back in film school about the Olympian Gods fighting the Titans for control of Mount Olympus. 

Mount Olympus Beat Sheet.docx
Download PDF • 48KB





1. In a dark place. Voices can be heard. One of them says

that the first thing it would do is eat a bunch of

cows. Then keys can be heard jiggling. The new voice

and the first voice begin to talk and suddenly a lock

can be heard opening and footsteps can be heard

walking away.


2. HADES is facing at the souls walking and going over

the cliff. Suddenly 3 ladies appear, THE FATES. Hades

turns around and just stares at them. They talk about

a war breaking out between Troy and the rest of



3. Back in the dark place a voice asks when everyone will

be able to get out. Another voice answers saying that

they would wait until they get the signal.


4. Hades goes and runs into his wife, PERSEPHONE, she

tells him that they should go up and try to enjoy the

Olympic games with the rest of the gods. Hades says

that he tried that once, but the other gods would not

sit with him. They said that his presence seemed to

make everyone depressed.


5. High On Mount Olympus, ZEUS asks if Hades is coming.

The other gods’ say no and say that they really don’t

wont Hades anywhere near them. Zeus grabs a

thunderbolt and hurls it to earth to begin the games.


6. (Inciting Incident) While the games have started.

Everyone is paying attention to the games. There is an

earthquake and then a giant shadow comes over the

games. A TITAN has entered the mortal realm.


7. High on Mount Olympus, the gods have noticed the

Titan. Zeus calls for all the gods to meet him. HERMES

points out that everyone is present. Everyone but

Hades. Zeus tells Hermes to get Hades. Hermes leaves.


8. The Titan begins to head for Mount Olympus. On the way

he sees a statue in honor of Zeus. The Titan calls out

for Zeus and says that he wants to challenge Zeus. At

the same time Zeus has sent ARES and ATHENA to hold

the Titan and get some answers


9. Hades watches as the Titans is being taken down, when

Hermes appears. Hermes delivers the message. Hades

angered asks who would run his kingdom. Persephone

steps and says that she would run the kingdom. Hades

accepts and he heads to Mount Olympus.


10.Back in the dark place the voices begin to ask if it

time to come out. The Leader says yes. It’s the rest

of the Titans and they come rushing out and begin to

attack the mortal world.


11.(First Act Break) Hades goes to Mount Olympus and

confronts the other gods. Hades is blamed as the one

for letting the Titan out. Hades tired of being

blamed, gives up his power and his godhood. Zeus turns

to Hades and tells him that he has 5 days to find the

one responsible, if Not Hades will be thrown into

Tartarus and will never see his wife again.



12.Hades begins to walk down and, while Hades is walking

down he slips and falls. Hades gets up and is meet by

Hermes at the bottom of Mount Olympus. Hermes says

that Zeus has allowed to Hades to say goodbye to his

wife and then to begin looking for the one

responsible. Hades notices that Hermes is staring at

his forehead. Hades asks what’s wrong. Hermes points

to his forehead. Hades touches and sees blood.


13.The Titans have begun to rampage the cities and all

monuments to the Olympians. HERACLES (a.k.a. HERCULES)

is taking down the Titans. The Titan leader has

noticed this and has deiced to place a ‘hit’ on

Heracles. Anyone who can get Heracles will have seat

in the new Titan order.


14.On Olympus everybody keeps telling Zeus that he should

Hades should have been already placed in Tartarus.

Zeus goes to be alone, suddenly HEPHAESTUS appears and

asks Zeus what is wrong. Zeus says that it doesn’t

seem like something Hades would do. Hephaestus brings

up the time that Hades kidnapped Persephone. Zeus says

that he still isn’t convinced that Hades did, it had

to be some who knew how to get to the Titans.


15.Hades is saying good-bye to Persephone. She asks what

is Hades what is he going to do. Hade says that he

doesn’t know. That the best way to find out is to go

into the mortal realm and try to get an answer from

the Titans. She tells Hades to be careful.


16.The Titans have destroyed most of the cities on their

way to Mount Olympus. The LEADER (Name TBA) says that

they must rest and come up with a plan to attack Mount

Olympus. Suddenly he hears someone rattling and the

woods and then hears two whistles. The leader goes

back and begins to talk. The Leader learns that Hades

has been given the blame. The Leader says that it

doesn’t matter as long as he (the person talking to

the leader) does his job right. The person leaves. The

Leader returns and tells them that so far there is

nothing holding them back.


17.Hades wakes up and sees Hermes at the foot of the bed.

Hermes says that Zeus has sent him to escort him to

the place where Zeus wishes for Hades to start. Hermes

stops at the field where the Olympics where being

held. Hades is told that he should start here because

this where the first Titan appeared and it seems that

the Titans are still around in the general area.

Before Hermes leaves he asks Hades what it feels like

to be mortal. Hades doesn’t answer.


18.Hermes returns to Mount Olympus. Zeus asks if how

Hades took the news. Hermes says that not so well.

Hermes asks about the gates. Zeus explains that

Hephaestus is building a gate to keep the Titans out.

Hephaestus let them know that it’s the thing he is

most of proud of only he has the key so that no one

can come in or out.


19.Hades walks and looks at the dead bodies. Hades

doesn’t seem to be unmoved. Then a pillar begins to

head his way; two kids push him out of the way. Hades

says that he is grateful and hungry. The kids take him

to their place. When Hades arrives to the children

house, he discovers that he is arrived at HERACLES’



20.There’s a group of 5 Titans. The rest of the Titans

voices can be heard in the background destroying

voices. One of the Titans asks if everything is ready

for attacking Olympus. Leader says that yes. Tomorrow

night they will attack but first they have to get rid

of Heracles.


21.Heracles and Hades begin to talk about what is

happening and how it feels to be mortal. Heracles

reminds Hades about his wife, if Hades doesn’t go

through with his mission. Hades says that he doesn’t

really deserve her. Heracles also brings up family.

With that they go to sleep.


22.Zeus gathers the rest of the gods around and tells the

gods that Ares, Athena and himself have come up with a

plan to attack the Titans at morning. Zeus begins to

give out the orders on who will be doing what.


23.The Titans informant shows up and tells them about the

new plan Zeus has. Leader wakes up the other Titans

and has them get ready to attack Olympus. Leader asks

the informant where Heracles lives. The informant

gives the information. Leader has a 2 Titans go to

Heracles’ house and kill him and Hades.


24.(Pt. Hosh) Hades having a dream. Suddenly he is

awakened by the shakes. Hades and Heracles see the

Titans coming towards Heracles’ home. Hades and

Heracles fight the Titans fight. One of them is

destroyed. Hades and Heracles ask them who let the

Titans out. The Titan only says that one of the

Olympians is responsible. Heracles and Hades let the

Titan go. Hades after thinking for a while says that

he thinks he knows who is the one who let the Titans

out. Hades begins to run towards Mount Olympus


25.Hermes goes to Zeus and tells him that Titans have

somehow found out about their plans. Zeus calls out

all the gods has them take their positions. Zeus, Ares

and Athena go down to the mortal world to fight the

Titans. Hermes is looking down and making sure that

everyone is doing his or her job. Suddenly behind

Hermes stands Hephaestus. Hephaestus knocks Hermes out

and tells everyone else that everything is ok. It was

a false alarm. Hephaestus begins to opens the gates

that he built.


26.Zeus and the other two gods join Heracles, they are

taking the Titans one by one. Heracles informs that

Hades is on his way to Mount Olympus and that he knows

who is the one who let the Titans out.


27.The Titans are getting ready to head out toward

Olympus when the Titan that Hades and Heracles let go

comes back and tells them what happened. He also says

that he thinks that Hades could be on his way to warn

the others.


28.(Second Act Break) Hades is running through the fields

but suddenly a big arm grabs him. The Titans have

caught Hades. Leader goes up Hades and says that Hades

can’t stop them now. Hades is thrown into a nearby

cave and a boulder is rolled over the cave.



29.Persephone is staring as the souls begin to come in

faster and faster. Tired of seeing the kingdom

overflow with souls she goes to her room and grabs one

of Hades clothes and goes and finds CERBERUS.

Persephone makes Cerberus sniff the clothes. After a

few strong sniffs Cerberus begins to run out to find



30.Zeus and the rest have taken down some Titans but the

Titans are overpowering them all. They retreat back to

Mount Olympus. Once Zeus returns to Mount Olympus he

sees that Leader has taken his thrown. Sitting to

Leader’s right is Hephaestus.


31.Hades is trying to push the boulder. He runs with all

his speed when suddenly the boulder begins to move.

Hades sees Cerberus. Then he sees Persephone riding

Cerberus. Hades tells Persephone what is happening.

They head to Mount Olympus


32.Zeus, Ares and Athena begin to fight off the Titans.

Some of the gods are trying to break their chains.

Some of the Titans are falling right off the top of

Mount Olympus others are standing there ground.

Suddenly the gates coming falling down. Cerberus has

brought it down. Hephaestus sees Hades and begins to

run away.


33.Hades pulls Zeus to the side and asks for his powers

back. Zeus gladly gives back the powers. Zeus

apologizes for not believing Hades says that know is

not the time. Both brothers run into battle.


34.Hades begins all the Titans he possible can. Suddenly

the all fall dead. Zeus begins to throw back the

thunderbolts with more force. Only one Titan is left.

Leader. Hades begins to run and look for Hephaestus.


35.Hades finds Hephaestus grabbing all of his belongings.

Hades asks why did Hephaestus betray the family.

Hephaestus answers saying that Hades will never

understand what it’s like to be made fun of and never

be respected by the rest. Suddenly Hephaestus makes a

jump to Hades with a sword Hades barely miss the sword

but he manages to touch Hephaestus. Hephaestus is



36.Hades reunites with the rest of the Olympians and sees

that the Titans are all dead. They are begin thrown

over the cliff. Hades reunites with Persephone and

tells her that she’s missed her. Zeus comes up and

begs for Hades for never being a better brother. Hades

says not to worry. Hades gets on Cerberus with

Persephone and head back to their castle.

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